Miraflores, Lima, Peru – Shopping, Juggling and Paragliders

We were recently in Peru for a vacation, and stayed in the Miraflores district of Lima for a couple of days. (We stayed at the Marriott, and really enjoyed the the location, the room and the friendly staff.)

While wandering through the mall (built into the side of a cliff!), I ran to the park above us to try to capture some pictures of the coastline. While up there,  I saw a group of young men juggling.  After watching from a distance for a while, I decided to ask if they minded if I took some pictures.  Manuel, the person I talked to happily agreed as long as he got copies.

Because there is a lot of movement and color with the juggling, I thought it was a lot of fun to take pictures and watch. These are a few of my favorites.

Man juggling with 6 clubs

This is Manuel, with a lot of clubs flying through the air.

You can tell these guys are having a really good time.

You can tell these guys are having a really good time.

Two guys juggling with looks of concentration

Although there is a lot of concentration involved, it still looks easy.

Around the corner, about a 1/2 mile from the mall, there is a take-off zone for para-gliders.  We got a kick out of watching them flying right overhead at the mall.  In some cases, we were actually looking down instead of looking up at them.

Paraglider over a couple making out

This was taken at Parque del Amor (Park of love).

Here's a view from inside the mall, with gliders right over heard

Here’s a view from inside the mall, with gliders right over heard

Cliff with a mall built into it

This is the mall built into the cliff.

A view across the water from Miraflores


  1. One summer, when I was in middle school and my mom had taken my brother to swimming lessons, I got dropped off at a magic shop and the owner — perhaps to get me out of his hair for an hour — taught me to juggle weighted tennis balls.

    I got good, but not great at it, juggling for fun every so often. When I was in college, a high-school friend and I realized that we both knew how to juggle, so we took a circus class and eventually, bought juggling clubs and would pass them in my front yard.

    My skills are passable, but I’ve taught a dozen or so people how to juggle (it’s actually pretty easy once you’re aware of the one little trick) and I’d be glad to show you how to do it one day.

    If you want to prep for that lesson, take three intact baby socks, fill each with an equal amount of a small handful of (unpopped!) popcorn kernels, twist the sock a few times, turn it inside out, twist the sock, turn it inside out, and repeat until you run out of sock. When that happens, sew up the opening (dental floss works just fine if you lack thread), let me know, and await further instruction. 🙂

    • Turns out Manuel is a juggling instructor…I should have asked him the secret when I was down there.

      I’ve tried to learn how to juggle a number of times over the years. At one point, I almost had it, but I was constantly chasing the balls.
      I actually have a set of bean bags specifically for juggling laying around somewhere. (If the kids didn’t run off with them.)

      • As a bonus, I’ll also teach you how a technique which will result in your no longer chasing the balls/beanbags.


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