In 2006, my wife and I moved to “the South”. Coming from Seattle, this has been a bit of a change. Happily, finding a great community who have made us feel welcome has made this transition relatively painless.  (Being invited to join the family bowling team also helped.)

This blog is about going somewhere. Not anywhere in particular, just somewhere. Between running, photography, flea markets and road trips, it feels like I’ve been somewhere and am always going elsewhere. The articles vary, and hopefully will be entertaining. (Or at the least, maybe the pictures will make it worthwhile.) Mostly, I’ll be talking about running, since that’s what I tend to do a lot of, but there will be plenty of other stuff too.

I’ll also talk about work, hopefully without embarrassing anyone. Sometimes, there may be something that I feel I need to share, and this seems like a good place to do it.

By day, I spend my time programming. For those that care about these things, I’m a .Net guy. I started back in the day with VBA and VB6, but currently work in C#.  (I have legacy apps in VB6 and VB.Net that I support.)  My main focus is moving data around; in the office, I’m the EDI guy.  I took the ragtag bunch of programs my predecessors left and built the department into a robust data processing machine, supporting hundreds of interfaces to customers across the country.

In 2009, our family started expanding, and we now have two wonderful kids. Some of our adventures have changed, but we’re still always going somewhere.

A while ago, I was tagged on an online blog game (of sorts). The post that answers those deep and personal questions is here.

Disclaimers and legal stuff

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