2009 Starting right off, with mouth speaking before brain thinks

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Or, in this case, typing before thinking.

Michelle, up in New York, and whom I’ve never actually met, as gotten me into things before. She originally started a streak last year, and I joined in. She stopped at 30 days, which was her goal, but I kept going and got in 98 days or something like that. (Ted was also suckered into this one.)

Well, she put up a post a couple days ago saying she was going to run 5 half marathons this year. So, without much thinking, I jumped right in and said “Hey, I’ll match you and do a half marathon distance at least  5 times this year too.”  Of course, not wanting to be chicked, I had to up the ante, and said I’ll be done by the end of May. :)

Really, this isn’t too big a deal, since my calendar is already booked for a 50K in Feb and a marathon in March. I figure in training runs alone for these two events will get me there without much problem.  Of course, someone might consider that cheating…but I won’t. Now, if I actually find 3 more races that will fit into the calendar, then we’ll do it that way.

I’m tentatively planning on a 17K race (Hogpen) in a couple weeks, so if I can manage to latch another 2 miles onto that run, it will be a the distance for this month. Of course, the race is billed as one of the toughest in the state, with about 9 miles of uphill, so not sure if I’ll be doing anything but drinking after it. And the extra 2 miles might sound really miserable.

If all is well, I’m also thinking about going out tomorrow to support the GUTS 50K by taking pictures and stuff. If I make it, I’ll try to get at least 13 miles in through the course of the day. (I figure I should probably get at least one long run in before Hogpen.)

Well, that’s about it for this morning. Time to go throw the meat in the crockpot for some chili.

Written on January 3, 2009