I was happy flipping through channels the other day and saw a commercial. Imagine this:  You see two blonde’s hamming it up in mini skirts. A second later, you see them charging through some woods. Not just any ol’ woods, but something that looks impassable. (Kinda what I imagine the Barkley course looks like.) And there’s a old western looking dude on a horse chasing them.

Yeah, I had to set the DVR to record this. The show is Mantracker, on the Science Channel.

The premise is pretty simple. A team starts off, and has a destination to get to. The tracker tries to capture them before they reach their destination.

In the episode I watched, the trackers started 2KM away from where the girls started. (Sisters, ones training to be an opera singer, the other’s a fitness instructor and pole dancer.) He didn’t know their exact location, but flares were set off at the beginning to give him an idea of where to go.  (He also had a sidekick who knew the local area really well.)

It was fun…the girls were seriously bushwhacking, and the trackers caught up to them pretty fast, then lost them again. It went on for a 2 day chase.  They had to make it 19.3 miles (straight line distance).

Of course, I was watching thinking, hey, it’s only 19 miles…That’s barely a warm-up before breakfast. Well, okay, it’s a little farther than that, but still, it’s a sub marathon distance, “on trail”.  Seem’s easy enough.  I’d like to see one where Mantracker is chasing down a couple of good ultrarunners…you know, like some of the readers of this blog. :)

I’ve set the DVR to record the next few upcoming episodes.  Besides being a nice change from the Food Network, it’s looks like a lot of fun.

In other news, thinking about doing a birthday run next Saturday (2/6).  Will post something here soon if it looks like a go.

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