3/4 of an ass!

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Today, I headed out to the 2010 GUTS Fat Ass 50K.  It’s a 4 loop course (each around 7.5 miles), plus the first lap has a bonus mile added to it to get to the right distance.  I completed 3 of the 4 laps.

This course loops around Kennesaw Mountain park, and has 2 water crossings (when it’s been raining) and mostly rolling hills on single and double track.  The bonus mile is through a neighborhood on road, and each loop contains about a 1/4 mile of road as you transition to the check-in and back to the trails.

Leaving the house in the morning, it was a very brisk dang cold 18 degrees. With windchill, it was getting into the single digits. I was hoping once the sun came up it would warm up, but it never did.

Somewhere about half way through the first lap, I caught up to Beth, Whitney and Holland. We stayed together through the end of lap 2, having a good time complaining together.

The excitement on the course was the water crossing. Due to the recent rains, there was water in it, which was just above freezing.  There was a fallen tree that some people balanced on to cross, or you could go a couple hundred feet up the trail to the bridge.  But since the “official” course said to ford the river, that’s what I did. It was 10-15 feet across, so could get across in 3 steps, and just over ankle deep.  If it was 70 degrees out, would have felt great…but alas, I was really happy to be wearing wool socks that stayed warm!

After the second lap, I had every intention of stopping. There was some cramping, and I was hungry. But as I got there, we were chatting, and I got talked into starting the third loop.  I’m glad I did, because right as we came to the trail, Christianpointed up and said “look at that”.  There was a big hawk sitting on a branch about 15 feet up. Wow!  I wish I had my good camera, but oh well…shot a couple seconds of video before it took off. (And swooped right at me…squealled like a little girl, I did.)

I continued on the lap, not sure if I’d just go a mile and turn around. But Wayne D came by, and I hung out with him a little bit.  Then I just kept walking.  Did the whole third lap at a very casual walk. Really felt pretty good, no cramping or anything.

Then I finished, and after some piping hot chili, was feeling pretty good. (Well, still really cold!)  I then learned an important lesson. Clothes sitting in a backpack out in the cold all day are cold to put on. Back to the heater, then home to play with baby. (Yes, part of my slowing down was to make sure I had energy to come home and play. Gotta have priorities.)

I’m happy.

Here’s the video footage I shot.

Written on January 4, 2010