6 Weeks

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Today is the end of my 6th week of running everyday. (“The Streak.”) Thought I’d give a quick progress update:

Still going strong.

hehe…that’s pretty quick, to the point, not needlessly long. Hmmm. Maybe I should just stop here.

Nah. I’m sure there’s a question or two out there, so I’ll answer them:

Are you still continuing?  Yes.

Why are you doing this? Oh, I have my reasons. I’ll talk about it one day when the time is right. Just rest assured that I do have a reason and a specific goal I’m working towards.

Have you learned anything? ooh. Tough one.  I was thinking about this during today’s 11+ miler. Here’s a secret that you may not know. It may shatter some illusions and ideals y’all have about a streak. So, if you’re sensitive, you may want to stop reading now. If not, continue to the next paragraph.

In the last 6 weeks, I’ve learned one important lesson: Running a streak is boring.  There is no more excitement in it then running 3 days a week or any other number of days a week. There are good days, and bad ones. A few of them have been hard, and I did the barest minimum possible. Some have been real good, and I had a great time. But in general, the only difference between this and running less is that I know every day I’m going to lace my shoes up.

Now, I’ve had a few observations. Today, I noticed the majority of the trash on the road is either lotto tickets or beer cans. There’s been a surprising number of single shoes. (I’d love to know where the other shoe is.) Other articles of clothing have been rare.  I’ve found 1 CD, but there was nothing on it. I’m hoping to find a neat trinket one day, but no such luck yet.

Whew. Now y’all know about running a 6 week streak. Maybe in another month or so I’ll have some brilliant Forest Gump moment of enlightenment (although I’m not holding my breath).

Now, on to prepare for my next race. I’m scheduled for a 50K on October 12.  I don’t feel I’ve gotten quite the mileage I’d like at this point, but pretty sure I have enough of a base to finish. (Now, I may be out there for 10 hours, but I’ll finish! :) If I can get a couple more long runs in the next couple weeks (as back-to-back’s on the weekend), I’ll feel much better about it.

Until next time, unless the enlightenment comes sooner.

Written on September 14, 2008