A casual Saturday morning run

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Ah, the weather was perfect. Cool and misty, probably around 60. I headed out to Little Mulberry Park (Dacula, GA) with the intent of getting around 20 miles in. I was going to meet up with David, but he had something else come up at the last minute, so is running tomorrow instead.

For those familiar with the park, I parked off Fence road instead of Hog Mountain. I took the paved trail to the East Mulberry loop, and did it clockwise. I included the out and back on the connector trail (approximately an extra .75 miles each direction), as I usually do on this loop. Coming up the hill at the end, I took a quick breather. Boy, this hill really needs a name, because it’s a Bee-atch! and deserves to be remembered.

At the top, I tried something new, and piddles around on the cross country course that I just learned was at this park. That added an extra mile or so, and was a nice change of pace. From there, I headed over to the Ravine Loop (2.16 miles), via the Beech Tree Trail connector (.42 miles). Unfortunately, my Nike+ got paused at this point, so this loop wasn’t “officially” recorded. No problem, I didn’t know until I finished it.

On this, as I was beginning to head up the back half, I paused for a second and talked to a lady out having a good time. She is getting ready to do the AT this summer.  Sounds exciting. (And she lamented about not having any friends her age to do her training with. I guess most 60 year old ladies aren’t interested in doing that.)

At the top, I headed back out on the Beech Tree trail again, headed to the restroom to freshen up, then continued on my journey. I hit the CC track again to head back to the East Mulberry loop. This time, I did it counter clockwise, and since I was tired, was taking it pretty easy.

Since it looked like my IPod was getting ready to die, I decided to call it a day. (Plus, the sun finally came out and it was heating up.)  Total distance, about 19.2 miles. I saw 5 deer and 1 cat, and may have gotten a small blister on one of my toes. (But to chaffing! Yay!)  And yes, the streak continues.

Written on September 27, 2008