A good day

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Let it be known that yesterday, August 19, 2008, was a good day.

First off, I woke up. And as we all know, that’s a great way to start the day.  Heading off to work, which isn’t bad, since I don’t hate my job, I went to workout at lunch.  After taking an easy walk day yesterday, decided to run a little.

I ran a little, and it was good. So I ran a little more. Still good. Eh, speed up a bit, run a bit. Speed up a bit more, run a bit more. In all, I did a little over 3 miles at an increasing rate. As we in the hobby call it, I had negative splits. I started at 12 minutes per mile, andd finished around 9:50 mpm. Felt good, leg didn’t hurt, and got some good miles in.  (Hey, it was day 15 or so of my running streak. Sad that two weeks in and I can’t even remember how many days it’s been. So much for my math skills.)  And hey, I was watching the Olympics while I was running, one of the few advantages of a treadmill.

I finished out the day at work, then hopped on the van to go home. (I take a vanpool, one of the things that make my job just a little better.) Instantly fell asleep and had a power nap.

After a bite to eat, off for bowling.  The second night of the season, so no pressure. Practice was good, since it was only a couple of us. (For some reason, alot of people weren’t practicing last night. I always go as much as I can, since I want to get my moneys worth. Plus, I go through a set of drills to try to learn what I’m doing.)

Game one starts. Ball one, not so good. Oh well.  Ball 2, I start picking up spares, and that carries for for a few frames. Frames 5-7 was a turkey! Holy cow, all last season, I only did that once. (3 strikes in a row.)  A couple spares follow, then I finish off the tenth frame with at least 1 strike. (honest, I can’t remember.) 

Holy cow, I just bowled my first every 200 game! Woo Hoo!

The next two games weren’t as good, but still above my average.  Now, that rounded off a good day.

And for the record, today wasn’t bad either. Did a couple miles on the treadmill a bit faster than yesterday. Some lady put on E! news, which makes me feel like brain cells are dying every time I see it. But, they tried to interview Michael Phelps, and I gotta give the kid credit.  They tried asking him if he was single, and he said “My private life is private.”  They followed with “Does that mean your single or not?”. He responded with something like “yeah, pick whichever you like, it’s private.”

(Well, he gets some credit for winning all that gold too.)

Oh, for anyone who cares, and wants to join, the plan for this Sunday (August 24, 2008) is to run up Curahee Mountain. This will be a training run for our Blue Ridge Relay team, but it will also be me doing my own Run for the Fallen. I can’t think of a better place to do it then an old WWII paratrooper training camp.

Written on August 20, 2008