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A cold weeks roundup. Saturday started with a cold (around 34 degrees) run in Braselton. We had a large turn-out, 14 people I think it was, which may be the most we’ve had. We ran the Chateau Elan route. I did 6 miles, and had company for a good portion of it.

The first mile was a bit fast for me, at 9:32, but it carried over well and I finished pretty strong. My leg nerve problems didn’t pop up until the last 1/2 mile or so, and that was quite nice. I credit some of this to the fact that I’ve been doing a lot of extra stretching every evening. I’ll be sure to keep it up.

Come Sunday morning, 9 of us braved the slightly warmer (39 degrees) morning to run the trails at Fort Yargo. This is where the Thrill in the Hills 1/2 marathon was held last year, and as some of us debate whether to run it this year, we thought we’d run the course.

My goal was to get about 2 hours/10 miles in. I’m working on building up for the ING Georgia race at the end of March, and just need to put the miles in. Ryan R (who’s also training for ING) had enough to foresight to print up maps and put them in cases (big baggies). We came up with a tentative route and headed out.

The trails were great! It’s mostly single track that has a decent set of rocks and roots to trip the unwary. A number of the loops have detours, which came in quite handy. We all stayed mostly together because the faster people did the full route and the slower (me) took the detours.

Unfortunately, Ryan R twisted his ankle about 2 miles in, so he turned around and casually hobbled back to the cars to nap recover. Because of this, I was thinking of starting to call him OR (either Operating Room or Other Ryan), but I don’t think it will take since it doesn’t roll off the tongue. Will have to give it more thought…

Because of new trails that have been built since the maps were made, I think everyone got lost at least once…but that’s half the fun. The worst was Brad and Roman, who ended up doing an extra few miles by circling halfway around the lake a second time.

In the end, I was out there for an hour and fifty something minutes and did just under 9 miles. Another group did 11.5 miles per their GPS, and the Brad/Roman team probably did a bit more than that.

In the afternoon, a number of people from the Saturday group went bowling. Us non-runners wanted the pleasure of beating someone, and we put them in there places. I got a new high, 177! Yay for me!

Written on February 18, 2008