A post to my children

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I love my children. They’re fun, and full of energy and an absolute blast to be around. I was thinking about that this morning when I was running, because while I was staring outside hoping it would warm up, I ran across an article over here, talking about a scene at Costo.

Little Ike and I love going to Costco. We wander around, and he loves watching the rotisary chicken going around. And sampling. His favorite thing is the stop sign. Yes, you heard that right. One time, we went to the rest room and the supply closet next to it was open. Inside, buried behind mops and boxes, laying up against the wall, is a stop sign. So every time we go, he tells me “theres a stop sign in the closest.” And during the trip, he’ll sometimes say “I need to go potty,” and I always have to ask; do you need to go potty, or do you just want to see the stop sign? And most the time, he just wants to see the stop sign.

Yeah, it’s silly. And it’s just fun to talk about. Along with blimps and tractors, and all the delightful things a two and a half year old loves.

Want to know the other fun thing? When we finish shopping, we get a bite to eat. “Hey Ike, whatcha want to eat, a hotdog or pizza?” Everytime, “hotdog AANNNDDDD pizza.” Er, ok, so we get both. I mess with him sometimes, and we get frozen yogurt. “Pizza AANNNDD yogurt,” he says.

And I just can’t wait to see what little Mighty Max is going to enjoy when he’s old enough to talk. Will he be fascinated with the stop sign too? Nah…he’ll probably like the gas pumps or something else equally mundane. Doesn’t matter much, it will be important to him, so it will be important to me.

Yesterday, Isaac made his first sandwich. It was a blast. He was so focused, he wouldn’t even talk. Have a watch, and enjoy it.

(And if you’re wondering, because you must be, it never did warm up. 17 degrees out when I left.) (And yes, I realize the original article had almost nothing to do with Costco. It just made me think about us going there.)

Written on February 12, 2012