A Sunday stroll through Ft. Yargo

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Beautiful weather, not running the Red Top Rumble, and the need to get one last long run in before Black Warrior in two weeks led me head over to Ft. Yargo.

My family gave me a small video recorder for my birthday, I took it with me today to give a try. Instead of writing a long, maybe boring, account of running in really big circles, I thought I’d share here a glimpse of the trails. As a bounce, you get to hear my commentary too.  (Just over 5 minutes long.)

And, just for members of my running group, here’s a special appearance by Simon. (Who put everyone in their place last weekend in Tallahassee, and giving birth to the up-coming country-challenge between us.)

Still here? 

Okay, I’ll talk about the boring running stuff. One thing I played with on this run was hydration. I only carried a handheld water bottle (with water). This worked pretty well for the first lap, althought I would have been happier if I had about another 1/2 bottle.  When I took my rest break back at the car, I went through a whole bottle of gatorade, and probably another 1/2 of water. (Along with a few handfuls of pretzels. They weren’t salty enough.)  Maybe I’ll get one of the extra-large water bottles to try.  Again, it was nice to not be wearing the camelback.

During the run, I tried Accel gels for the first time. They have protein in them, which is supposed to help, if you can stomach them. Happily, my stomach has no issues. I also popped Sharkies to most of run. Just had an open bag in my pocket, and ate one every 5 minutes or so. They aren’t as good as Clif Shot-Blocks, but pretty good. (Plus, who doesn’t want to eat gummy sharks!)

By the end of the second lap, around mile 20 I guess, I was definitely on the dehydrated side, so called it a day. The tempuratures had jumped up from 40 when I started to near 70.  Unfortunately, my GPS got turned off at some point, so I have no tracks of the path or an accurate idea of the real distance. I’m sure I did at least 20 miles, since I’m pretty good at averaging over 4 mph, and was out there for 5:02.

Guess that’s about it for now.  Let me know what you think of the videos. I’ll probably be one of the annoying guys carrying this thing around all the time now.  I need to find some good editing software.

Written on February 9, 2009