Active Release?

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My brother called me the other day on his way home from the Race Across Oregon. For those of you who don’t know, he owns a recumbent bike shop in Los Angeles, Bent-up Cycles. His team entered the race this year as a two person team, and so the story goes, did extremely well. Yay for him!

(Photo courtesy of Raoterri.) (8.8.08-Edit: Replaced picture with one of Dana.)

Both of us have had similar years; we both had some bad knee problems and both got hit by a car while doing our respective sports. As we were talking, he told me recommended Active Release Therapy.

The theory, as I understand it, is that scar tissue gets built up underneath muscles. By doing deep tissue massage while the muscle is in use, it breaks up the scar tissue and gets rid of it. Although it’s not pleasant during the therapy, he swears it worked miracles.

(As with deep tissue massage, the key word is “deep”, as in it’s none of this trying to make you feel good crap, it’s therapy. And it can hurt! I once had a roommate who was in massage school. I was the test-dummy, since no one else was dumb enough to volunteer…man, I was in pain! But it sure felt good the next day.)

I’m a fan of chiropractic care, even if I think most of them are brain-washed idiots. (But not my guy! I’m going to do a review of his practice over on my other site one of these days.) I also really like massage, although I never get around to going. So, this whole thing makes sense and I can grasp the concept.

So, my question I’m throwing out there for my blog reading friends, has anyone tried this? Specifically, has anyone done something like this for running injuries? How’s it work for runners knee?  What other therapies have you used?

Written on July 24, 2008