Ahhh, mid week

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Gee, I wasn’t going to write anything tonight. Earlier this week, I said to myself “Self, you should do a mid-week post about the coming weekend.”  But then, I got lazy and forgot about it.

But, as I sit here waiting to make sure the little boy is really asleep, I read Sean’s blog, and felt motivated to write something, even if it doesn’t say anything. Guess I’m funny that way sometimes.

Little boy can now roll over on his own! It was very exciting watching him this morning. I know, I normally talk about moving via foot and stuff like that, but hey, this was as exciting as any run I’ve done.  I think I’m about ready to sign him up for a 5K to motivate him.  :)

This Saturday, I’ll be setting up an aid station for Sean (a different one than above).  It will be at mile 42 of his 87 mile run from Athens to Atlanta.  Planning at the corner of Dacula Road and Old Peachtree, and will probably set up around 11 or 11:30 PM.

Anyone out in the area is welcome to come hang out.  Maybe we’ll get a few night miles in. Bring your lights and vests.

When I talked to Sean today, he’s pumped up about the run, come rain or shine.  Thinks he’ll get to me between 12 and 12:30.  But Wayne and David will be pacing him, and no matter how much they deny it, they’re a little speed. (Well, maybe they’ll be saving themselves for Mystery Mountain Marathon on Sunday.)

And sounds like Team Beth will run from our aid to the end with him.  Yay for them.

Gee…guess I said something afterall. Not poetic or anything, but sometimes, it just feels good to get the fingers moving.

Written on October 7, 2009