And the odometer rolls over…

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At the end of September, my wife and I were walking along one day chatting. I was feeling a bit down, because by some freak timing thing, she was getting more miles in than me.  (What’s up with that? Sheesh.) By the end of the walk, we decided the goal for October would be 80 miles.  That should

n’t be hard, a mere 20 miles per week.

As things tend to go, the days passed, and the miles started piling up. Half way through the month, I thought, oh this is going to be easy..I’ll probably get at least 90 miles in.  Of course, that’s an odd number, do the new goal has got to be 100 miles.

Tuesday ended with me around 99.5 miles.  That’s cool, I thought driving home from work.  I’ll go out tomorrow and do a mile for speed, just to make that last one exciting. Or do something else exciting, since I haven’t had a 100 mile month in a real long time.

Wednesday, being one of my work from home days, found me sitting with the little man while he had a bottle of milk.  (I wasn’t eating Bon-bons and watching Oprah.  Really.)  The phone rings, and it’s the missus.  Uh oh, there’s an emergency of sorts, and I need to go pick her up.  The problem is, she has the car with the car seat.

I check, and the neighbors aren’t home. I call her sister, who can drop everything and come up, but that’s going to be 45 minutes or so.  What should I do?  Listening outside, it’s thundering, but no lightning that I see.  I just got a new rain cover for the stroller…it’s only about 2.25 miles to the store.

“Come on boy, we’re going for a run!” 

A quick change, and strapping him into the stroller, and we’re off. Another quick stop, just to see if another neighbor is home, but she’s not.  And away we go…

Up the hill. Out of the neighborhood.  Up the next hill. And the next. 

There’s no sidewalk for the majority of this and barely a shoulder, so I’m constantly jumping off the side to avoid cars.  Figuring the little man is important to me, I navigate the stroller onto the grass each time. The boy didn’t know what to think, being bounced all over the place.

He kept trying to point at all the exciting things en-route, and just about every time he did, it was followed by a big hole, or bump or something.  Eventually he decided to sit still and hold on for dear life. (Hey, important life lesson here.)

With thunder and clouds inches on my tail, I pull into the parking lot.  Throwing everyhing in the car, it starts raining.

A perfect run, and the odometer rolled past 100.

Written on October 29, 2010