Another day, another mile or so

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Well, it’s that time of year again. The bowling league started up again, and now I have plans every Tuesday night for the next 35 weeks. (36 week season.)  Woohoo.  The exciting thing last night was I got an award I earned last year.  The guy who dropped it off proceeded to give me a hard time, because it’s still a pretty low scoring award. (I think he said something about how “only seniors get this kind of award” or something like that.)  Oh well, I’m still happy with it. 

I’ll be honest. This morning I was sore when I got up.  The calves were pretty dang sore, and I had every intention of taking it really easy today.  I laced up my racing flats, since I left my usual trainers at the office (working from home today), and out the door I went.  I could have put my trail shoes on, but figured the lighter ones were better.

Off I went, and after a couple hundred feet, I felt pretty good. I kept going. I still felt good.  How strange.  A mile later, I was still running, and still feeling good.  So I turned around, ran the whole way back and finished up.  Heck, I don’t know when the last time I actually ran 2 miles straight is.   Looking at my time, it wasn’t even that bad for me, 11:21 average.

While I was running, I got to do some thinking, as I often do.  Today, I was thinking about these guys, Run for the Fallen.  They are running across the country in memory of soldiers killed in Iraq in the last few years. (I’ve been following their progress over the summer.)  Their final run is on August 24th, and people around the country are also doing a mile or so on that day.  So I started thinking that maybe I’ll put something together in my community.  As I decide what, I’ll post something here.

(I’m thinking an easy mile, 4 times around the downtown Lawrenceville main square, which I’m guessing is about a 1/4 mile loop. Anyone up for meeting me?)

Also, today was day 10 of my streak.  I’m joining Ted in his effort to avoid being chicked by Michelle. (But they’re planning on stopping at the end of August, whereas I’ll keep going.)

Anyone how wants to see my running log can look at RunnerPlus for now. I’ll do my own version one of these days.  (Note it may be a day or two behind since I can’t sync the IPod from work anymore.)

Written on August 13, 2008