Another strange thing I saw

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Everyone who’s spent time running knows that you will sometimes see strange things. There’s a lot of blog posts about this. Well, today I got to see something new.

I headed out at lunch down the street on my usual course. All is well, and to be honestly, I’m actually just walking because the 95 degrees+humidity+smog is not something I want to screw around in. After a while, I turn around and head back.

About 5 minutes from the office, I see a firetruck ahead and a police car stopped with it’s lights on. A firefighter it talking to the cop in the car, and traffic is stopped.

Getting closer, I notice a sound, that I jokingly thought to myself sounded like a geiger counter. As I walk past the firefighter and cop car, the guy stands up and the following conversation took place:

FF: ”Sorry sir, I can’t let you continue.”

ME: “Okay, why not?”

FF: “There’s a blow transformer up there. Where do you live?”

ME: “Oh, that’s exciting. I live in Lawrenceville.”  (I looked up, and saw the tranformer with giant electric arcs shooting across some electrodes. Looked pretty cool, so bad I didn’t have a camera.)

FF: “???” (As I realize he want’s to send me home instead of letting me down the street.)

ME: “But I work right over yonder.”

FF: “Okay. Walk up there”, pointing to the houses off the street, “ if this thing explodes, we don’t want the boiling oil splattering all over you.”

ME: “Uh, yeah. That would be bad, but at least make for some good lunchtime conversation in the hospital”.

I walk up the lawn, and over to the house that’s being built, and all the guys are out watching the action. As I pass one of them, he’s on the phone in a not-quite paniced voice: ”Hey Steve, are big blue sparks shooting out of a electric transformer bad?”

Yeah, True Story!

Written on August 4, 2008