Another Sunday at Yargo

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Another Sunday run, this time taking it a bit easy; a casual 10.5 miles in 2:20.

Tried out a “new” holster for the video camera, and it works nice. Allowed for quick-draw action:


The weather was just right, sunny and cool. Hydration was no problem this week, probably because I cut a couple miles out and filled up once at the restroom. (Although I still would have been okay without this.) I added some Nuun electrolyte tabs to it. This messed with the taste a bit, but wasn’t bad. I’ll bring some to next weekends race and see how they are over many hours. Also, afterwards I tried drinking some whey protein, since this week I’m playing with nutrition. This is supposed to really aid recovery, and I guess it worked. My legs weren’t too sore later in the day and sleeping that night.

Here’s the trail map: Ft. Yargo - Most of Outer Loop at EveryTrail
<iframe src=”” marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no width=415 height=300></iframe>
Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

The GPS did okay, and didn’t lose reception too much. Although I think I found a bug in it, where it breaks at 5999 points saved. Will need to play with it a bit more, and then let the manufacturer know.

Thanks Ryan for hanging out for the first couple miles, then waiting around afterwards to go get breakfast.

Well, that’s it for now. Kind of a boring post, I know.

Written on February 16, 2009