Argh, a treasure hunt in the backyard

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One day, not long ago, the mighty pirate Cap’n William invited all his mates over to go searching for his long hidden treasure. Not ones to miss an adventure, the brothers donned their pirate gear and headed over for a good ol’ treasure hunt.

After roll call and some swapping of fish tales, it was time to begin.

The captain got the secret treasure map, and the crew headed out.

Willam gets his treasure map

They searched the landscape with their telescopes looking for their first landmark,  Skull Rock.

The crew looking in their telescopes for skull rock

The path was treacherous, but together, the crew found skull rock. After a brief sword fight against the a tribe of balloons that were guarding it, the crew stopped for a short rest.

The crew found skull rock

The next leg of the journey took them South to find a the parrot in the jungle. The parrot would tell them where to go next.

We found the parrot

The Parrot said go west on a long and arduous trek down the mountains to find the Tiki Forest. In this place, filled with wild and scary tikis, the mates grappled with their primeval fears and yelled at the top of their lungs as they ran through the forest.

The treasuremap says to go through the tikki forrest

From there, they trekked through a muddy bog, and came to swamps filled with crocodiles. To avoid being eaten, they perilously crossed over the worst of it on a narrow log.

Getting past the crocodiles

The final obstacle forced the crew to confront their claustrophobia by crawling through a seaweed-covered cave.

Get through the seaweed cave

At last, the hunt was over and the bags of treasure were found.

checking out the loot

The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the birthday party. You can see how to do some pirate themed gift wrapping here.

Written on July 26, 2013