Attack of the giant chicken

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Attack of the giant chicken

The Adventure

This session was Attack of the Giant Chicken, by DMDave.

Farmer Herscel’s favorite chicken accidentally drank a growth portion, and is now 20 ft tall. The party’s task is to protect the chicken until the potion wears off, or try to stop it from eating anyone. (or not, depending on the person being eaten.)

We ran this over two sessions.

Seeing the giant chicken gave us all a laugh, and we had several opportunities to role play as various non player characters wandered over to see what was going on.

In the end, the chicken was safe, no one died, and eveyone had a good meal that wasn’t southern fried.

DM Notes

From the description, this was kind of fun. I think this is one that would be much better with a single in-person session. I had a hard time keeping it going while waiting for the potion to wear off and afterwars one of the players admitted it was pretty boring. He was a bit disappointed the chicken didn’t end up in town eating everyone in sight. Due to the random dice rolls, the chicken ended up mostly walking in circles and not wandering off. In hindsight, I probably should have fudged a bit to make it more exciting.

Had we been around a table, I feel we would have had more action from in-person goofing off and more opportunities to interact with each other that get lost on a virtual table.

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