Being supportive at Bike Sebring 12/24 hr race 2011

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Back in January, my brother (Dana, from BentUpCycles) asked if I wanted to join him down in Florida for a bike race as a crew member. After checking the calendar, I happy decided to go, since crewing is usually a pretty good time.  I figured crewing bikers couldn’t be that much different than for runners, and seeing the different bikes would be cool.  If you want to see the pictures, they’re here.

Bike Sebring 2011

So instead of giving a play-by-play, heres some of the highlights of the weekend:

  • Friday night Bachetta had the grill going.  It was great to meet everyone and hang out.  They also provided support thoughout the whole weekend, which many people are very appreciative of.  They were freely giving out food and supplies to us, and it was great.  However, Rich was jealous that we had pizza during the day. (You should have seen his look when Sandy rolled in at the end of the first century and said she wanted a slice as she headed out on the next lap.  The waffles also had a similar reaction.  Hey, it’s all about the food!)

  • Getting ready for a bike race in the morning is much easier than running.  There isn’t (that I saw) a whole lot of taping and lubing going one. Fill the water bottles, and you’re ready to go.  Well, there is one thing that we never see…

  • Catheters! I think I heard more talk of catheters over the weekend then I have over the last 10 years combined. Yes, I’m talking about the attachable tubes to pee in. (AKA the “external” variety. There was also talk about internal appliances, but those are generally for longer events.)  I guess getting off a bike is more hassle than we have to deal with.  And no one seemed shy about talking about them either. Everyone had opinions.

  • Carbent bags are a big hit.  I’m not sure if that makes Dana a rock star or not, since he designed them, but it was pretty cool seeing them and how people use them. The over the shoulder accesibility for the waterbottles was sweet.

  • The night miles were run on the Sebring speedway.  Having our pitstop actually in a “real” race pitstop was way cool. However, jumping over the barriers got real old.  We got in the groove once we had one of us on each side of the gear, so we handed stuff across all night, without the constant jumping that some people were doing.

  • Meeting and supporting others was cool. In the course of the night, we helped Tim (the guy in the big yellow banana) and George, and probably some others who I can’t remember.  There was also Lou, a 76 year old guy who was great on the bike. Now, everytime he got off the bike we feared for his safety because he could barely walk, but on wheels, he was flying. 

  • We got a kick out of Sandy yelling out her “order” for her next stop way ahead of time.  She’d yell “I’m stopping in 5 laps, I want this, that and the other thing.”  Phil and I would look at each other and say “uh, hope your counting, cause I lost track.”  In reality, we really didn’t need to worry about it because she’d stop when she stopped, and we had everything ready.   If you look at the pictures Dana posted as part of Sandy’s report, you’ll see her with a slice of pizza.  Classic!

  • Two Redbull’s got me through the night with no problems. (Well, all the jumping up and down probably helped to.) It always surprises me, since during the week, I’m always ready for bed by 9:30. Now, for those of you who think crewing is easy, I got to do something I’ve been wanting to for a while;  see my calorie expenditure.   Using my Bodymedia armband, it showed I burned about 9100 calories from the time I woke up on Saturday until I went to sleep on Sunday morning!  Overnight, since everything was convenient and organized, I felt like I was eating non-stop. I guessed I easily ate 4500 calories.  Seeing what I burned, I now don’t feel so bad about all the Oreo’s.

  • At some point while waiting around, Phillip and I talked to a report. The newspaper article is here.

  • A big thanks to Kent, Judy and Katie. (Kent rode 24hrs, Katie 12hrs and Judy supported.) Judy helped us out a bit, and they let us crash in their spare space on Sunday night.  We took a walk about their neighborhood on Sunday night and saw two alligators. Not having my camera, I went along on Monday morning when they walked the dog, and managed to get a picture of one of them.

[caption id=”attachment_789” align=”aligncenter” width=”300” caption=”There it is…out for an early morning swim.”]Alligator swimming in the water[/caption]

Written on March 1, 2011