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Unfortunately, a couple nights ago, I missed the opportunity to go for a run with Chris McDougall, the author of Born To Run.  (He was in town for something, and took an evening for go out for a run with GUTS.)

A friend lent me a copy of the book a couple weeks ago, and I just finished listening to it.  And as everyone else has said, “You gotta read it.”

It was good.  As a storyteller, McDougall is good, and the pages fly by.  I enjoyed it.  The order of everything is well thought out, and I really enjoyed hearing about other aspects of the sport I wasn’t aware of. For instance, I had never heard of Emil Zatopek before, and now I have a couple interesting stories about it (also fueled by some searching on Google).

Throughout the book, there are some nuggets of information that I saw, such as how different groups train. While I can’t directly use the information in my running, I appreciated that it gave me something to think about. (And again, something to go dig around for on the internet.)

There were a number of references to different foods, and I wish there was a bit more detail there. I know it’s not a cookbook, but I hate hearing about something to eat, and having no idea how to go prepare it. He talks about chia seed quite a bit, and I would have appreciated a “through some in a smoothie” or something.  In a magazine article, I did eventually see a smooothie recipe he does use. I’ve also bought some, and have been experimenting with them this last week.  Maybe I’ll post some more info later.

The one take-away the is given, is that everyone should be running barefoot. Of course, that ain’t gonna happen. (Especially not for any diabetics out there.)  But at least a move towards minimalist shoes may be in order.  That actually is something I’ve been working towards for a while.

(Deep dark secret time: Way back in the days of yore, around 2004, I was looking at getting some custom made shoes to do the NYC marathon in. Not wanting to wait the 2 months to have them made, I ended up in some Asics DS trainers, which I was pretty happy with. However, since then, I’ve wanted to make shoes. The only problem, I have no idea of where to start. And as a related note, I shared a couple words with BFT when I was training for that race, and there was a local race going on at the same time. He had a beard and looked a bit on the crazy side at the time.)

I enjoyed getting to know the characters as he introduces them, and further expands on each of their histories and how they got into running.

I’m sure there is more I could say about the book, but I hope that this at least gives a little more reason to go get a copy.

Coming up for me: Next weekend is Sean’s Athens to Atlanta run. Looks like I’ll have a couple other people hanging out with me at the impromptu Mile 42 aid station. Still debating how may miles I’ll get in…he’s looking for company for the Athens to Dacula leg, but think he’d be out pacing me a bit.

Also, I’m planning on a big charity drive over the next 6 months. Got my charity picked out, but need to get in touch with them. And trying to decide exactly what my event will be.  My next post will probably be about that, and y’all can help me decide.

Until next time, keep your feet happy.

Written on October 4, 2009