Braselton Run for Reading 8K and 2K

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Today was the second annual Run for Reading 8K in Braselton, GA, put on by our good friends at Runners Fit. Still having a couple days left of recovery (and hence, no real running), I volunteered. I got 2 high pressure jobs:
- I was the course marshal for the turn-around point on the 2K. I had to make sure no one short-changed themselves, and ran all the way to the turn-around point.
- And I got to manage the 1 mile clock on the 8K course. This was a high pressure job, having to flip the switch on the clock when the horn went off. Then I had to stand with the clock and keep it company. (Okay, really I stood there and took pictures.)

Last years run was a big hit, with about 250 people showing up. This year, there were about 150 registered, so a pretty good showing. I'm guessing the fact that it was 27 degrees out this morning kept a few people bundled up in bed instead of running. (Go ahead, make the "wus" comments...They weren't around to hear them.)

Sarah, the race director, had the good idea to get Christmas ornaments as prizes for the different categories. They looked pretty good. I know this, because one of my friends told me:
F: Wow, the ornaments are a good idea.
R: Yeah
F: They look really good. I'd be happy to take one home and put put on my tree.
R: (smile and nod)
F: They look so good, I can't imagine who wouldn't want one.
R: Uh, any of the Jewish runners.
F: Doh!

(Now, you'll notice I didn't say who my friend was. She was quite embarrassed about possible showing up here, so I told her I'd be discrete. You have no idea who she is. See Helen, I can do pretty good sometimes.)

Okay, in reality, it was pretty dang funny. And anyone who is going to get upset about getting one of these as a prize really needs to lighten up. I wasn't offended. Really.

For food and refreshments this year, they were prepared with coffee from Starbucks and chicken soup (from Papa Joes or something. I can't remember the name, and I'll fix this soon as I remember who they are.)

A group trying to raise awareness for Alzheimer disease was present. They are trying to get congress to give more funds for support and research. Feel free to check them out, or write your local representative.

Our usual bunch made a good showing. Ryan R. missed his goal of getting under 40 minuted by a mere 2 seconds. I guess we can still call him a wus, because he got beat by his brother. Richard took home the masters 1st place, surprising no one. Joe was noticeably absent, probably making some excuse about resting for his 50 miler next weekend. Too bad, we could have used him to push Dr. Alsobrook. (He's the Dr. I saw a couple weeks ago, from Advantage Sports Medicine, who also helped sponsor the race. He came in 2nd place overall.)

I had a blast, hanging out with my friends and helping out. Hi to everyone to came over and said hi to me, even if I didn't know who you are or recognize you. (Yeah, makes me feel almost famous. :)

Photos are at, under the Races link.

See y’all next time.

Written on December 6, 2008