Coming up with a strategy

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Whew! What a weekend. Being 3 weeks until my next race, figured it was time to get some distance training in on trails. Being the lazy person I am, and not wanting to drive much, on Saturday I headed over to our local park, Little Mulberry. Two times around the horse loop, with 3 out-and-backs on the the connector over the ridge, came out to just under 15 miles. It’s a nice trail, almost all hills, although I imagine it’s nothing compared to whats going to be in the race.

Sunday, headed back out and did just one loop. Needless to say, I was a bit on the tired side, and this was really just a walk in the woods. (I’m pretty sure I managed to run at least a hundred feet.)

One thing long runs on the trail do is give you time to think. Generally, I tend to think about running, working, or my wife. :) On these days, I thought about how to approach this race, and here’s what I came up with:

  • I'm estimate my finish time as 7:30. Not great, but heck, I'll be happy to finish. This is based on my run time from this weekend, and the total time it took me for my last run of close to this distance. (Turned out being 30.5 miles, and I think it took me right around 7 hours total.)
  • Run on flat, if I feel up to it.
  • Run downhill, if it's not too steep.
  • Run uphill, if it's really not too steep.
  • Walk and enjoy the mountain air whenever I feel the need.
  • Have a good time. Stop for the occassional picture.
  • Eat pumpkin pie afterwards, if at all possible. (The race is the Pumpkin Butt 50K, so seems appropriate.)

I think next weekend, I’ll do one long run. 3 loops at Mulberry should do it.  Breaking 20 miles once would be good.  In my last marathon, that was one thing I should have done. Generally, I really like the shorter back-to-back runs instead of a really long one (followed by 3 days of pain). But there is something about pushing the fatigue threshold occassionally that would probably benefit me. Heck, guess I’ll find out.

Off to rest…

Written on September 22, 2008