Damn chain letter!

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So there I was…Lunchtime yesterday. Heading out for my run, and at the last second, decided to do loops around our complex instead of my usual route. It’s a nice 1.2 mile loop that has some flat sections, so I could work on my walking form.

It started off good…the first lap went with no problems. I was feeling pretty good, and the heat wasn’t bad. For the second lap, I decided to go the opposite direction. That’s how I usually do this, because the hills are very different in the other direction.

So, I make it off the sidestreets, and am heading up Piedmont, on the sidewalk. Up head, the driveway has a lady waiting to turn right, traffic on the street, and a truck waiting to make a left into the driveway. Okay, I’m worried about the truck, since if anyone’s going to speed without paying attention it’s him.

I get to the driveway…head out in front of the car thats still waiting for traffic. Heck, there was still traffic. Right as I pass her passenger headlight, she starts pulling forward. I sidestep to the right, thinking “this can’t be happening, there wasn’t a break in traffic.” She keeps coming. I end up on her hood. She’s still moving forward. Holy crap, I’m just like John McClane in Die Hard. Whew, she stops and I fall off her hood, a full lane into the street.

I get up and walk back to the sidewalk and stand in front of her passenger door and give her a “what’s going on” gesture. (No, not the bird, but arms up and a “WTF” look.) She completes her turn and pauses in the road. I stand there. She starts to drive off. I start yelling in ways I haven’t yelled since getting out of the army.

I sit down and catch my breath. and wait a good few minutes. Stand up, look around, and she is no-where to be seen. I sit back down and wait another few minutes. She still hasn’t shown up. I get up and walk back to my building, absolutely amazed that not only did she not stop, but heck, she didn’t even roll down her window and ask if I was OK. And of all the traffic behind her and on the street that saw this, no one else stopped either. Holy crap. People suck.

Well, I’m okay. Bruised my wrist a little bit falling off her hood. I filed a report with my building’s security, and the security with the rest of the complex. I also filed a report with Atlanta’s finest, just in case she gets tracked down. (There is actually a decent chance of it, since we know what parking lot she was coming out off, that’s not for visitors, and I got a partial plate number and description.)

So, the only thing I could think of is this is all that dang Tag games fault, since I broke the chain and didn’t forward to 5 people.  Yeah, I guess I could blame David, since he tagged me…

Update (6/26/08): Looks like I smashed the face on my new watch too. That’s a bummer, because I’ve only had it a couple weeks, and this was my third time using it. No word yet if they’ve found the person.

Written on June 25, 2008