Dang, being strong doesn't give you a chance to rest.

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Lately, thoughts have been running through my head while running about how I feel. And strangely, many of them have been along the lines of feeling good. I guess my body is finally coming around, much to my surprise, things haven’t been bad at all.

Take, for instance, yesterday (Friday):

On Thursday, I read Bryon’s guide on training for your first ultra. Seems as if I’m running a 50K in a week, seemed like a good idea to check that I’m doing things correctly.  I keyed into one thing he said: “…walk some hills during training…” Okay, that’s something I can do!

So, I set off during lunch, with every intention of practicing walking up hills. Heck, that’s alway a good plan for me! :) I head out, go down the first big hill. Getting to the bottom, I’m bopping along to some good music, turn the corner and start heading up my first hill. Now, this is about a 1/2 mile long and medium steepness. I’ve never successfully run to the top.  I’m running, but knowing I can’t make it up, I keep going.

I get a few hundred feet up, and start eyeing landmarks ahead as a goal to stop. I get to the first one, and still feeling good, keep going. And the next one, same thing.  Strange, I’m feeling good…but okay, I’m approaching the point I’ve always stopped at. I keep going. I pass an intersection which is normally where I turn to make a loop. I keep running. Dang! I’m at the top. I ran the whole thing. And I feel pretty good. I walk a few feet down the hill as I turn around (another part of the training), and head down.

I get to the bottom, and hang a left to go back up the really big hill on the way to the office. Note this is another hill that I don’t think I’ve ever made it up. No problem, I figure I’m tired. I’ll walk once I start heading up.  Okay, past the first driveway. and the second. And now past the light pole I normally stop at. Still going…Now I’m past the school and about 20 feet from the top. A 1/4 mile uphill, and I barely slowed down.

Okay, now I’m mad! Dangit! I wanted to walk! So, I made an executive decision as my coach, and I walked the last 20 feet up the hill. After crossing the street, I continued running back to office.

Mission:  FAILED.   (But I guess that’s okay.)

I felt good. I was strong.

Today, I woke up, and my legs were a bit sore. Okay, I’ll take it easy today. It will be easy now…

Well, instead of boring you with details, lets just say it didn’t end that way. (Too give you and idea, at one point, I had the conversation with my partner about how fast we were going. And for some strange reason, we didn’t slow down.) Yeah, another strong day.

But tomorrow, I promise, I’m taking it easy!

Written on October 4, 2008