Day 29-Recap and running in Peachtree City.

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Here it is, day 29 of my streak, and the first month wrap-up.

For the month of August, I ended with 92.65 miles. Not bad, I was shooting for a 100, and that’s close enough for me. (Including 7.44 miles I ran on the second. Not part of the streak, but part of the total mileage.)

The last weekend ended well, and started September off with a bang. (Goal for September is 135 miles or more.) On Saturday, I got a nice easy three miles in. Sunday, I doubled it to 6. (6.66 actually.)  This was my run for the Nike+ Human Race 10K, but I have no idea if it actually counted for that, since halfway though the run when I tried changing music, it ended the workout, so I had to start the thing over. Total distance is current thugh.

Today, I headed down to Peachtree City to run with the Darksiders. I didn’t do the full marathon, but instead screwed around a bit, and only did 17.74. The important thing here is that I ran more miles than Roman, something that never happens. (And really, no one cares but me, but I’m living it up.)

The first humorous thing today was as we were waiting for our third person to carpool this morning. We saw D. pull into the parking lot, but he pulled up next to another vehicle. Okay, we guessed he was going to walk over. Nope, we see him get out. Truck door opens, he gets in. A few seconds later, door opens again, he gets out and walks over to us. (Yes, we were busting up at this point!) He gets in the right car, and off we go. Apparently, there were a couple guys all dressed for running in there, waiting for someone to head off to the US Classic 10K or something. They were quite nice, and we guessed kinda confused on this guy getting in with all his gear (Water bottles, etc) for a measly 10K. hehe.

Later, Roman and I finished, and were waiting around…Scott and Doug came up for their break before their last lap (5 lap course), and we joked around a little. I was saying I was feeling a lot of pressure, since everytime he saw me, Scott let out a “Hi Rahn.” Scott then said he felt like he had to, since he saw me 8 times or so. They then took off on their last lap. So, I thought it would be funny to head out again, just so ke could pass me one more time. (Since I was done, as far as he was concerned.) So off I went, la-dee-da.

After a couple miles, I was hot and my shirt was rubbing a little wrong, so I decided to do something I never do. I took my shirt off and kept going. More la-dee-da-I’m-running.  Well, Peachtree City is a golf cart community, so they were constantly buzzing along. But, as one passes me from behind, the little kids were looking at me. As they got past me, all I heard was “Daddy, they guy has just as much hair on his front as his back.”   Oy Vey! Kid, haven’t you ever seen a polar bear running?  Sheesh.  I suppose I should be embarrassed about this or something, but I abosuletly cracked me up.

Unfortunately, after a couple miles, I didn’t see Doug and Scott, so I turned around and headed back. about a 1/4 mile from the end, Doug caught up, and I told him my plan, and at least he appreciated that it would had been funny had they caught me out there. Oh well.

Okay, that’s about it. The streak will continue, until I meet the goals I’ve set for myself.  One of my virtual running partners, Michelle is taking a rest day tomorrow, so this ends her streak. My other virtual partner, Ted, is also ending his streak today. However, he’s thrown out that he needs three 20 milers in by November, so I’m accepting his challenge, and will easily get that in as part of my own training plans.  Cheers and good job you both. I’ll be sure to enjoy a drink tonight to celebrate our month adventure together. 

(And Scott, if you read this, polish up one of those finisher medals for me. Next time, I’m finishing your marathon.  Uh-oh, per your Darkside rules, I may be screwed now…but what the heck.)

Written on September 1, 2008