Dinner with Scott Ludwig

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The other night (October, 2010), Beth M hosted dinner for a number of local runners to meet with Scott Ludwig.

For those of you who haven’t the pleasure of meeting Scott, he’s a “local” ultra runner that has been running since 1978.  That is, he has run every single day for over 30 years.  That’s one long streak. He’s completed hundred of marathons and ultra’s, and has ran over 100,000 miles.

He’s also the co-founder of the Darkside Running Club.

Dinner was a good bowl of chili.  Beth is always posting pictures of food on Facebook, and I’m happy to report that it does in fact taste as good as it looks.  Thanks.

After eating, Scott spend about an hour talking about what it was like to run Badwater.  He didn’t hold back, and gave us the honest version…in case you’re delusional about this, be fore-warned.  There are in fact mountains in that-thar desert.  And it also gets hot.  Really, really hot.  His crew captain put together a scrapbook from the trip, and it was good to put pictures the stories.

Interspersed with talking about Badwater, there were other tales from the darkside and talking about running in general. Scott has written two books, and the third is coming out soon:

A few years ago, I met Scott down at one of his Monday morning marathons (The Darkside has 3 marathons a year, on New Years, Memorial Day and Labor day.)  It was good to meet him then, and he seemed like a nice guy. Now, spending an evening with him, I have to reinforce that, and say he really is a good guy.  The only thing that could be held against him is that he’s a Gator’s fan…Although I don’t follow football, I’m pretty sure I know better than that.  hehe…

Thanks Beth for setting this up, and Scott for driving almost half way across the state to get here.  Okay, maybe it’s not that far, but if you come up in the middle rush hour, it sure must feel like it.

(Oh, the other thing that came up was that most of the local community is upset that the Atlanta marathon is no more, and they are only having a half this year.  Oh well.)

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Written on October 16, 2010