Dreaming of Running

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Isaac and hip bones 201306-10A few weeks ago, when we woke Isaac up for school, we asked “what did you dream about?”  He had a moment of deep thought, crunching up his little face in concentration, then responded, “I dreamed of the day when I can run and jump.”

Now, this might seem like a strange thing to dream for a four-year old except for the fact that he has Perthes Disease, and is under doctors orders to not run, jump or do any high impact activities.

Perthes is a condition where the blood supply to the femur head is cut off for some reason. This causes the bone to die and fragment into pieces.  After the bone disintegrates, it grows back, hopefully normally, and rebuilds the femur head.  This process can take two years of more.

Every three months, we’ve been going to the doctor for new x-rays.  Isaac loves showing everyone pictures of his bones.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we wanted to share what this month’s x-ray looks like.

Xray of hip showing bone loss.  Gonesomewhere.com

Believe it or not, this is actually a good picture.  I can’t see it myself, but the doctor is seeing some of the bone starting to grow back. (On the far left side of the ball. The right side is still fracturing.)




Written on September 16, 2013