Finding a person - A look at building a person searching algorithm

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I did a presentation for the Gwinnett Microsoft Users Group on finding a person and building a custom algorithm to match incoming data to existing data.

Attached is my slide presentation. Finding a Person

The sample code I presented is on Github:

Thanks for allowing me to speak. I had a great time and I appreciate the questions and feedback I got.

For me to followup on:

  • Are datasets slowing me down? Should I store data some other way after I get it out of the database that provides better performance?

  • Is it worth broadening my returned data, and paring it down in memory instead of doing repeated queries?

  • Would it work to hash  the data, and search through the hashes? Would that be any faster?  Given what that would take, might it be better to move to a NoSQL db, as I’ve been contemplating?

  • A note of clarification.  On the records I receive (200-250K a day), a good number of them are throw out before they get to the point of hitting the person search process.

  • Thanks for the other feedback and questions.

Written on November 14, 2013