Geek Moment - Writing a C# program on Azure VM from Nexus 7

Categories: Programming

You know the old saying “more exciting than watching paint dry?”  Well, that’s what I was doing, sitting in the backyard waiting for some paint to dry while the kids were running around and I had my Nexus 7 on hand. So, what should I do?

Let’s create a virtual machine on Azure and write a quick hello world program…All from the Nexus!

Below are the screen shots of what I did…every step of this was done from the little ol’ Android. The only thing I’ve done from the computer was shutdown the VM when I was done, and write this blog post.

I’m using the Remote Desktop client from Microsoft. (RD Client in the Play store.)

First, in Chrome, connect to the Azure management portal and create a new VM.  Only thing of note here was for some reason, it was kind of tough to scroll to the bottom right to hit the next button in the wizards.  I also went back to set the endpoints for the RDP port to one I know works from my home network. Create VM step 1

Create VM step 2

Create VM step 3

Create VM step 4

Create VM step 5

Once the VM is created and running, get the IP address from the Monitor tab in the dashboard. Create VM step 6

Switch to the Remote Desktop Client,and setup a new connection using the IP address from above, along with the public port for the RDP endpoint.

Create VM step 7

Connect to the VM, and enter your credentials you used when creating the machine.

Create VM step 8

Open Visual Studio, sign in, and write a program. Create VM step 9

Create VM step 10

Presto! Create a VM step 11

Afternoon fun, and now the paint is dry. (I was painting various things for upcoming crafts on my wife’s blog,, if you want to check it out.)

Written on November 11, 2013