Good times again

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Ah, everyone was right. (Not that there was much doubt they would be.)  After a week, the legs are getting back into shape, and I can do a casual 3 miles with only whining about the Georgia summer heat. (Well, that comes with running during lunch.)

Now, my times aren’t what they used to be. And what they used to be aren’t what they used to used to be.  But it’s getting there.

Last night, I got pinged on Facebook by a number of old army buddies.

Those would be the used-to-be times of the used-to-be’s.  When I was in, and young and fit, my best time at the 2 mile run was 13:47.  Now that I’m twice the age I was then, my time as just about doubled.   But I enjoy it a lot more now. And of course, back then, I think the longest run I ever did was about 6 miles.

(If any of y’all from Ft Carson are reading this, I know we ran out to the hospital one day, and I think that was about 3 miles from the barracks.  And I know we did a crazy stuff in Korea, including running with a sandbag in the pack, but I have no idea how far any of it was. Ugh…)

Now, here’s the funny thing as I trip down memory lane.  When I got out of the Army, I swore I’d never run again, and wake up before 7.  In the recent past, I’ve woken up at 4, and gone running! How’s that for funny?  (And not including kid duty stuff, I get up at 5:00 to go to work anyhow.)

And there has been a couple times in the last couples weeks feeding Isaac at four, and I think “hey, instead of going back to bed for an hour, I could go get my daily run in.”  If only my shoes weren’t at the office…

Well, I’m also reminiscing because I just got done reading Christian’s White River 50 report.  After the army, I lived in Seattle for 14 years, and loved the area. However, my trails were always pretty tame compared to what he did, but I enjoyed getting out to the woods.

Before I started running again (2002), must have been 1998-99, I once went hiking at Mt. Si with some friends.  It nearly killed me. 3000+ ft of gain over 4 miles. Took me the entire day, and I could barely walk for days afterwards. And that, I also said I’d never do again, but every once in a while, I wonder how it’d be to go up it.

Well, enough of my babbling for now.  The coffee is gone and I should get some work done.

Until next time…

(Oh, and for y’all wondering, I’m finally going to break down and get a new watch.  This one’s bit the dust beyond usage.  Just gotta pick one out now.)

Written on July 28, 2009