Got Guts? No, but we're happy.

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This morning, as a rare treat, GUTS (Georgia Ultrarunning and Trailrunning Society) had a monthly training run on our side of town. So, being the card carrying member that I am, and having never gone to one of their runs, I figured it sounded good. They were going to the Suwanee Greenway to run. It’s about a 9 mile, multi-surfaced trail that has a lot of trails branching off it.

I met up with Brad to carpool down. Now, neither one of us actually had a copy of the email giving directions, but I had looked up the directions on how to get there. Off we go, and get there in. We see a small parking lot, which the absent email said was there, along with a large complex with plenty of parking behind it. Being that the lot was empty, we drove into the park and checked things out.

In the next parking lot, we saw a number of people hanging out. We quickly realized that they weren’t who we were looking for. They had a big banner out that said “Happy Runners – Asian Running Club”, with a bit of Korean on it. After circling through the parking lot a few times, asking people if they were with guts, we headed back up to the first lot. By this time, the Happy Runners group had grown to about 50 people, and they were all circled in a tennis court doing some group stretching. (Hmmm…how novel.)

Well, we parked and headed out on our own. The park has a nice trail with some rolling hills headed down to the greenway path. We crossed some wooden boardwalks, which was kind of neat. We passed a number of the Asian runners (and a couple probably passed us), and were having a good time.

About a mile into it, a decent sized group headed towards us. Looking at them, a number of them had their GUTS shirts on, so we paused to chat for a minute. Turns out, they parked off a different road than us. (We had figured as much.) So they continued on their way, and we decided to go down to where they were parked just so we knew where it was.

The trip down and back was pretty uneventful. Nice and flat, mostly in shade. One of the happy runners kept leapfrogging with us, and since he had a camera, we’ll now be famous somewhere in the annals of their club. (And we’ll probably stand out, being the only two Gringo’s.) The scenery was nice, everyone was friendly, and in the shade, it wasn’t too hot.

Coming back, we separated for a bit, since Brad wanted to stretch his legs. He took off ahead, and a while later, the GUTS group was heading back towards me with Brad in tow. We decided not to run back down to their parking area with them, but instead headed back to the car. Once we got there and cooled off a bit, we drove down and met up with them.

They had ice cold drinks, bagels, muffins, donuts and were hanging out socializing. I felt welcome as we hung out for a while and mainly talked to Debbie. (The organizer of the run, and someone I met a couple weeks ago down at Peachtree City.) With this kind of food, I may have to make it to more of their runs. (And I was impressed that some of them thought ahead and brought chairs. Good idea.)

That’s about it. We’ll definitely hit these trails again, and try to add them into our weekly rotation. Even with all the pavement, I think it was worthwhile.

And for those following the saga of LK, today I wore a knee brace. It was one of the smaller ones that go just below the knee. I was a skeptic and didn’t think it would make much difference. Boy, I was wrong. I had some occasional pangs, but overall felt my knee was good for must the run. I was hurting from taking two weeks off, but that’s different.

Written on June 8, 2008