GUTS Training run - July 2008

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I got a note earlier this week saying GUTS would be having a group training run at the Jones Bridge park along the Chattahoochee. Being within a reasonable driving distance, I felt I had to go. Plus, the park is where I first started trailing running a couple years ago when we moved to Atlanta, so it’s special.

The course is around 6 miles, mostly along the Chattahoochee river. There is one good size hill that provides some good lung action. Supposedly this section of river is the best fishing in Atlanta, which I’d guess is true since there is always a lot of fisherman here.

Around 15 of us showed up to start, and after a bit of small talk, off we went. (The funny thing in the conversation to me, was when some asked where I was from, I said “the West coast, which I guess doesn’t make me a Yankee.” “No,” he replied, “it makes you a Liberal.”)

We looped up the smaller hill on the North end of that park, and passed the old bridge. There isn’t much left of it, as you can see:

You’ll also note there was a bit of fog coming off the water. When we first started, you could barely see the water.

We rapidly seperated into pace groups. Well, at least I assume we did as I fell behind the main group and pretty much ran on my much of the time. (I was disappointed that I never got to make my joke, “I’m a member of the Georgia Ultra-slow Trailrunner society.”)

Once I reached the loop at the south end of the park, I pulled the camera out and picked a direction, hoping I was going opposite of everyone else so I could get pictures of them. I chose wrong, and didn’t see them for quite some time. There were some nice trails, and I ran through a large field with a picnic area. (Or maybe it was a parking area.)


There was some guy out there, and I took his picture because I thought he was part of our group. (But he wasn’t, it turns out.) At least his picture came out well.

I had a couple camera issues today. One, the humidity was so bad, the lens kept fogging up on me. The other problem is I was using a borrowed image stabilizing lens, which normally would be great, but I wasn’t used to the focal distance on it, so it kept throwing me off when trying to focus on moving subjects. (It also didn’t focus as fast as my regular lens…so I’ll go back to using my kit lens for running.)

I’ve posed all the half-way decent pictures on here, on Flickr. I have a bunch of bad photo with a lot of blurred people, if anyone wants to see them.  (And also, if anyone wants a full size image, let me know. I cut resolution down to save bandwidth.)



Written on July 13, 2008