Happy 2012

Categories: Running

Happy new year! So far, this year is off to a good start.

Once again, for new years eve, we did the Flashlight 5K down in Lawrenceville. It started an hour earlier this year, so it wasn’t really dark enough to warrant flashlights. We almost missed the race because we thought it started at 5:30, not 5, and we showed up about 4:50. We did spend a few minutes finding a parking spot wondering why everyone got here so early.

We were disappointed that they ran out of shirts in the correct size. Since we were pre-registered, the shirts should have been put aside. (Note to race directors: Yeah, its a hassle, but it sure is nice to have bags stuffed with all the swag at checkin. If shirts are pre-packaged like this, it ensures everyone gets theirs who should.)

On the first, we did a 5K outside of Athens, NEW YEARS AT NOON 5K. This was also the award ceremony for the 2011 Run and See Georgia series. I guess since we ran this first race of the 2012 series, we’re participating now. It was a nice park, and I’d like to go explore it some time. They had the same shirt problem with running out of the right sizes.

Next up is the Run Road Atlanta, a race being run on the Road Atlanta race track.  I was originally going to run the Hogpen Hill Climb, but decided this is a little different, so might as well give it a try.

Written on January 11, 2012