Happy New Year 2009

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Happy new year wishes.

So far, mine is starting off well. Last night, we actually managed to stay up to midnight and watch the ball on the tv.

This morning, the plan was to head over to Little Mulberry and meet up with a number of people from the group for a run. Well, some of us met, and others didn’t.

Clay got talked into going for a bike ride instead, saying that running was for wimps.  Hey now…there’s no coasting down hills when your running.  Way to start the year as a big wuss!

And Roman, being the sleeping beauty that he is, mentioned something about too much festivities, so didn’t manage to make it.

So, here is our group photo to start the year.


Ryan, Mark and Kerry made it on this bright, brisk (34 degrees) morning.  Eventually we got going took off. Mark and Ryan had plans for one lap of the East Mulberry trail, and they quickly left us. Kerry and I took off at a brisk walk. We went up the Carriage Trail (the big hill). Kerry headed back down, while I switched over to the East Mulberry loop to go down.

Once I went down, I turned right around to go back up and over again. I could say that this was symbolic for the new year, knowing there will be challenges ahead, but I will face and conquer them, and come through the other side of them. Uh, sounds good…no wait, it’s a bunch of BS.  Really, I just wanted to get some hill work in to get ready for an upcoming race. I didn’t get nearly enough in, but it’s a start.

As I was coming back across the field at the top of the park, three deer were running across in front of me. I was glad I had my camera, because it was pretty cool.  Again, I could come up with some BS theology, but I think I’ll pass on that. It was just cool to see them.


That’s about it…time to go check on how the chicken in the crockpot is looking.

Happy new year to everyone.

Written on January 1, 2009