Happy new year, 2011

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Last Sunday, I got a bug in my lung somewhere, so I spent a couple days coughing and hacking.  It wasn’t pleasant for anyone, and of course, I was bummed out because I was hoping to get some good mileage to help prepare for some upcoming races.

The same day, my wife says “hey, there’s a 5K on the 31st.  That would be pretty cool to end the year with.”.  Yes, it would, if only I could breath.  Looking at it further, the early registration ends on the 30th, so we’re good to wait a couple days.  The race was the Flashlight 5K, put on by the First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville.

We wait, and on Thursday, I’m feeling pretty good, so we sign up. Of course, Friday starts with a bunch of coughing, but after some Mucinex, I’m good for the day.  The race starts at 6, so we head over at 5.  The weather is a comfortable 50+ degrees, which is good since the last two years it’s been miserable.  Little man is happy in his stroller, and my wife has some eager and nervous anticipation while we wait.

We line up, and take a position near the back, which is appropriate for a stroller.  The crowd surged, and we’re off. (I assume someone yelled “Go!”, but I didn’t hear it.)  The course starts off with a nice little climb, enough to make you breath hard and ponder what’s going to come. Other than this, the course is real nice and relatively flat.

There are friendly volunteers are spaced out here along the course with flashlights (to help light the way). There were also a number of police out for the intersections, and the little man loved the lights. Every time a police car came into view, he started laughing and pointing. The boy just loves lights.

We did great, and passed quite a few people in our first lap. (The course is basically two laps around the justice center. See the map below.) At one point, a lady did comment about how she hated being passed by a stroller…we continued neck and neck for a while. Eventually, she took off. I guess we helped motivate her.

The second lap was good. We were even paced with a couple ladies who were walking and running, and we felt good about the decision to just walk, since if we were doing that, we’d probably end up being slower.

Finishing was good in a 44:03, a bit under a 15 minute pace, and none of us are complaining about it. They had a pizza, salad and cookie dinner afterwards, before the award ceremony.  The little man almost ate more than I did.

This was special because it was my wife’s first race, and our first race together as a whole family. To paraphrase her:

I started the year 50 pounds heavier, and it was struggle to go a mile. It feels great to end the year like this. My regular walks now are 5+ miles, and knowing I can push myself for a good time in a 5K feels great.

I’m very proud of her…and she was honest and says there are no marathon plans in the future. :)

We hope everyone out there has a good year, and my all your goals be met.

Here’s a course map, in case anyone is wondering:

Written on January 1, 2011