Heading to Baton Rouge-Part 1

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This last weekend, we took a drive to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a wedding. (A bit over 600 miles from home.) This details the first part of the journey.

Leaving on Thursday morning, our plan was to meander down to Biloxi, Mississippi by side roads and small highways. Generally, we enjoy taking the scenic route that’s slower instead of the interstate. The first couple hours of our trip were spent skirting Atlanta, getting down to Peachtree City. Heading South from there, we drove through a small town where some of Gone with the Wind was filmed, but didn’t stop since it would be easy to come back as a day trip.

Because it took us longer to get south of Atlanta than we planned, we decided to hop on I-85 to get us into Alabama. (Again, knowing this portion of the journey would be easy to come back to.) A quick trip got us to Montgomery, Alabama. For the record, the folks at the Alabama welcome center were friendly and offered plenty of suggestions for stops to make, such as Tuskegee. They also suggested highway 31, which parallels I-85, which is what we decided to do. Hopping off the freeway here, we found the cheapest gas of the trip, $3.76/gallon.

Although this portion of the trip was pretty, there weren’t many interesting sights to see or shops to stop at. (We were hoping to hit flea markets and small antique shops en-route.) So, back onto the freeway for the remaining miles to Mobile.

Coming into Mobile, the bridges and swamps provided a nice change of scenery. We took a detour to stop at the USS Alabama. The $2.00 parking fee is more than worth it just to get some pictures of the ship, planes and ground vehicles. We’ll tour the inside of the ship and the submarine on the next trip.

(As a side note, I was disappointed with myself for incorrectly identifying a Russian T-55 tank as a T-52. Oh well, good thing I’m not in the Army any more. Plus, an M1A1 will easily take either one out before I ever have the need to ID it.)

Downtown Mobile had some old buildings that are worth seeing.

A casual drive on highway 90 brought us to Biloxi. Most of the casinos have been rebuilt, and the area seems to be doing well. We got a room at the Best Western that we were impressed with. (Had a fridge and microwave.) Dinner in the IP Casino was disappointing because the service wasn’t great and the food bland. However, we enjoyed a couple hours at the 3 card poker table before calling it a night.

Below are some random pictures from this portion of the trip.

Going over a bridge into Mobile, Alabama.

Dianna saw this Seagull being fed by a kid. Looks like it was trying to hover like a hummingbird.

This is a lighthouse on the coast. It was originally built in the early 1800’s. After Hurricane Katrina, they moved it inland a few hundred feet.

This is the beach at night. A 30 second exposure makes it look almost like daylight. (Dianna had the idea of trying to capture the clouds, Rahn had the technical know-how.)

A sample of the architecture in downtown Mobile.

(Too be continued…)

Written on June 17, 2008