Hill Repeats - but this time they were fun

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The other day, I was thinking about my training for my upcoming race, and knowing the people putting it on, I figure I haven’t done nearly enough hill training. Heck, I haven’t done nearly enough traing at all, but especially hills. (The other thing hurting me is all my miles lately have been road. Whole different ballgame once you hit trails.)

So, with that in mind, Monday I did a few hill repeats on near work. Nothing exciting. Up and down a hill, on a sidewalk. Repeat. Repeat some more. Breath. Stumble back to work and continue through the day. Ho-Hum…

Today, I skipped my lunchtime workout, and had a plan. Come home, throw something in the oven that takes an hour, and that gives me time to play. Even left my shoes at work, so I’d put my trail shoes on. (If nothing else, I need to get used to the weight of them.)  For those that care, I have some Brooks Cascadia 3’s. I like last years green ones better, but these shoes are good.

Now, I should mention, the subdivision I live in is half built. There is a big section in back that has roads, but no houses. So, there are hills and dirt.

An easy 5/8 mile back there, then hop off the road. It’s a bit overgrown, but still doable. The area was graded a couple years ago, so the hills are large steps. But there’s been a lot of rain, so there are big crevices and features to jump across and try to avoid when going full blast downhill. (And they may be hidden by the weeds.)

Oh, it was fun! I had a blast going down. Going up was fun too.  How often do you say that going up hill? Me, almost never. But this time, it was good. I chose a different line of attack every time.

The shoes held up great. I had good control and they kept their grip when I needed them too.

After a number of times, I did the limp of shame back to the house. Oh, I’ll be sore tomorrow. It was awesome.

Written on September 17, 2008