Hut-1, Hut-2, HTFU.

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Ah, Superbowl Sunday, always a good day for a run. This year was no different.

Mark B wanted to get around 12 miles in, the farthest he’s ever run. Sure, I’m good for that without any problems. (Since I wanted to do an easy medium length run.)  We met up at Little Mulberry park at 7:30. Ryan R and Eric were joining the fun. 

Yes, it was cold. My thermometer said 28 degrees.  Below freezing.  We were snivelling a lot.  Okay, maybe it was only me, but I like to start cold Sunday morning runs with a good dose of whining. After all, that’s why we meet up to run, so we have someone to complain too.  :)  Otherwise, we’d just run by ourselves.

There were some other runners that took off before us.  As we left the parking lot to get started, I noticed the black BMW. What’s that? A GUTS sticker on it.  Damn, that means there’s someone hard-core out here. Time to HTFU.

We ran. Hit the Horse trail connector. Headed up the hill. Headed down the hill. Eventually warmed up and got feelings in our fingers.

Heading up the big hill, my back was really bugging me. Ouch.  So much for hardening up…Heading back down, my knees were aching. I assume it’s from running on the solid ground. Normally, this path is pretty soft and forgiving, but being frozen, it was hard as rocks.

By the time I finished the first lap, I was doing a casual walk and day dreaming about what to order at Starbucks after the run. Instead of a second full lap, I turned around to go the opposite direction, thinking that I’d meet up with Mark and Eric, then finish up with them. (I don’t know what happened to Ryan.) 

Uh come some people down the path. In shorts. Chatting like it’s a casual summer stroll in the park. Er, should I try running again?  I suppose.  Well, it didn’t last long before I was longing for some coffee again. Oh well.

Eventually, I ran into the guys again, turned around, and went back to the car. Mark did awesome, doing just under 12 miles in 1:52.  I wasn’t so awesome, doing around 9 in 1:55.  (But hey, it was supposed to be a casual day for me.) As far as the other GUTS member out there, no idea who it was.

Now, off to Starbucks…Maybe watch some football too.  Or maybe not.  Maybe I’ll pay-it-forward and go put my GUTS sticker on the car to motivate the next guy.

Written on February 1, 2009