I was a disbeliever

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Two things have happened in the last couple weeks that have really made me say “whoah”.

First, back in December when I was given a gift certificate for a new bowling ball, everyone said “get a fingertip ball. Your average will go up overnight”.

Yeah, right, I said…how much difference can a ball make my ball, a T-Road Solid by Storm. Of course, I had it drilled to fit my hand and made it a fingertip. With it, I also did a one hour lesson to show me how to throw it. The lesson started with the very basics, from how to put my fingers in it to basic arm swing. I spent a good portion of the time standing at the throw line and swinging my arm and throwing gutter balls. I also learned how to aim, which I had always been doing incorrectly, as I came to find out. (Hint: If you’re looking at the pins, your looking at the wrong place.)

Now, before this, my weekly average as been 102, give or take a point every week. my previous high game ever was 144, which I’d never gotten close to matching again. (a 115 was a good high game.) Well, after the lesson, I went a couple times…without trying all to hard, my games were creeping up. I threw a 108, then a 130 something, even got up to a 166. Then, went a week later, and threw a 177. League has finally started back up, and last night I threw a 124, 133 and 149. The week before I threw a little lower, but in the same neighborhood. Wow, that’s pretty dang cool.

Okay, the second instance is all one we’ve heard. Stretch. I’ve always been bad at stretching before and after running…just laziness to be honest. And I didn’t think it made a big difference. Well, a couple weeks ago, my chiropractor (who’s ran 5 marathons) suggested I start doing yoga daily.

So I went through a couple yoga tapes we had laying around and got some good moves. I then started spending 10-20 minutes every night stretching while we watched TV. On that weekends run, I was almost pain free on a 6 miler. I just started tightening up in the last 1/2 mile..cool, but was it really the stretching? I spent the next week not stretching at all outside of what I’ve always done…Let me tell you, the Saturday morning run was horrible in comparison. I was tight and hurting, which doesn’t make for a good time. So I decided I’m now a stretching believer. I’m back to doing some every night this week. Today’s lunchtime run went good…

Written on January 23, 2008