I Won!

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Saturday (12/1/2007), I ran in the Braselton 8K Race for Reading. Having been looking forward to this for a number of months, it was all as expected:

  • The course was as expected. (Having run it once before, there were no surprises.)
  • The timing was exceptional,. It was done by the Tennessee River Athletic Club, who came out from Alabama for this. Ryan knows these guys and wanted them to show the locals how a race should be run.
  • The food supply was plentiful. There was a snafu with the pizza, so it didn't arrive until almost everyone was gone, but that's okay. (Papa Johns was one of the sponsors, so they provided for us.)
  • The weather was perfect. Started off really cold, but it was fine once we started moving.

I started the morning hanging out with friends, both other runners and some of the volunteers. Once we started, I lost everyone, which was no surprise since they’re fast people. Then almost a mile in, I spotted the back of someones head who looked familiar. I caught up, and ended up running with Ryan and his friend Eleanor for the majority of the race. We had a good time joking around.

We (Ryan and Eleanor) hit the first mile at 9:48, which was about a minute and half faster than expected. Woohoo. Mile 2 was at 19:08 or something around there, and I was feeling good. Another gal was with us the whole time, but I don’t know her name.

Knowing a lot of the people working the timing stations, we had a good time joking. An ongoing joke for the whole thing was that I wanted to win in my category. This started because a person was upset about the age group categories, so I asked for a “38 yo Clydesdale run/walker” division. So, as I passed people, they would yell out “First in the Clydesdale…” or some-such nonsense.

As we finished the last turn, I saw the clock read 49:22 and I thought “Wow! I can make it in under 50!” So I sprinted to the finish for a 49:48 time! A PR, and I won in my (own) division. In their divisions, I came in 12/15, which is also cool since I’m usually last in my age group.

I’d definitely recommend this race, and if Runners Fit starts timing races, they’ll be good.

Written on December 2, 2007