Ice cream run

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Watching the weather report yesterday, it was supposed to be raining all morning today. This left me with a delemia, do I get up and meet the group or sleep in and go running whenever I get up?

I decided to sleep in…and it was pretty nice. For my run, I decided to make it kind of long, and go up to Bruesters to get ice cream. I thought it was about 8 miles away, so the distance would work good and I’d hit it right when I’d be about ready for a break. Perfect.

So, off I went. At about mile 2, a fresh biscuit and coffee sounded pretty good. But, alas, I set out for ice cream, so that’s what I’m going to get.

About mile 2, I passed the Golden Pantry.

Continuing up the road, it felt like I was in the county. There’s a big field that has alway looked pretty nice, but there weren’t many cows around enjoying it.

One thing y’all should know, down here in Georgia, hogs are taken very seriously. They have whole mountains of them.

Bruesters was just around the corner from here, but checking my GPS, I barely had 5 miles, so instead of going there, I headed up the highway to a subdivision and cruised around it for a while. I thought about stopping at a garage sale they were having, but decided that I’d be better off not. Otherwise I’d end up buying something I didn’t need and having to figure out how to get it home.

After adding the mileage, I headed off for my reward. I got in just under 6 miles when i got in. I got a single scoop of New York Cheesecake on a sugarcone. The guy looked at me pretty funny, pouring sweat and it had just finished raining, but I didn’t care…that first lick was great. So was everyone after it!

I chuckled when I saw their napkins. Guess I earned this because my shoes were on the right foot…would have been a long 6 miles if they weren’t.

Instead of going back the way I came, I headed down Braselton Highway (124). The shoulder was pretty small at times, but traffic wasn’t too bad. I got a chance to snap a shot of this old house. According to an article I read a while ago, this is one of the oldest standing buildings in the state. The owners are donating it to a local center, so soon it will be disassembled and rebuilt at some park.

In the end, I ended up with 10.71 miles. I guess I really underestimated it how far it was to the ice cream shop, but still worked out okay.

On a side note, I recently bought a new Camelback, and this was the first chance I’d have to use it. I was real happy. a lot of room and my back didn’t get too hot. I’ll look forward to using it on tomorrow’s trail run.

Written on April 19, 2008