The Inaugural Wednesday Adventure Club, The Wizards Cave

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The Inaugural Wednesday Adventure Club, The Wizards Cave

Today marked the inaugural meeting of the Wednesday Adventure Club, a group of elementary and middle school students gathering to play Dungeons & Dragons for the first time.

The group consists of:

  • Iik, a human fighter
  • Ulfgar, a dwarf wizard
  • Zeeman The Barbarian, a human
  • Aros, an Elf rogue
  • Rabbi Jimmy, a cleric

The Adventure


The party started out eating together in the village in, gathering at the same table as strangers. After introductions, the innkeeper asked if they were here to seek out the evil wizard in the woods. They decided that sounded like a good quest, at which point Rabbi Jimmy at the next table offered to help lead them to the wizards lair and help them in a non-combat role.

The next morning, the party set out, and found the hidden path off the road. After following for a while, they came across a wolf eating a freshly killed deer. After a quick melee, the wolf ran off, howling to it’s pack in the distance. Hearing howls back, the party continued on their way. Will we see the pack of wolves in the future?

A short while later, the party arrived at the wizards lair. After careful inspection of the entrance to make sure there were no traps, the doors were slowly opened to reveal an entrance cave. In the cave, four skeletons slowly turned their heads toward the party….


The group fought off the group of skeletons, sustaining a bit of damage along the way. Afterwards, they retreating from the cave to recouporate.

Upon reentering the cave, they moved into the cave and at the far end, found a bridge across a pit. Wanting to make sure they weren’t missing something, Zeeman the barbarian was lowered into the pit and explored. While down there, he found some humaniod bones, including some skulls. Ulfgar was immediately impressed and asked Zeeman to throw one up to him so he could keep in “just in case we need one in the future.” Unfortunately, he missed making it, and the noise attracted a giant spider whose lair was down there. It was a tough fight because Zeeman was mostly on his own since most the part couldn’t see him.


With the spider defeated and a short rest, the party party decided to proceed across the bridge instead of further exploration of the pit. Once across, they ran into more skeletons that were quickly dispatched.


More skeletons destroyed, they entered a room after at the end of the bridge. Not surprisingly, there were more skeletons. After pulverizing this are large group of them, a search of the room found a little bit of treasure. They were excited by the keg of ale, and some cooking spices. Iik took a small statue of intertwined scorpions.

From here, the party entered the last room of the lair, and destroyed the wizard who was trying to do some sorcery for his lord, Kffufflufftt.

DM Notes

Play of the week: While fighting the wolf, Ulfgars first ever combat, first time playing D&D, first shot of a fire bolt spell. He rolls a natural 20, a Critical Hit! What type of damage does he want it to do? (me imagining an explosion of wolf fur coating the party in guts) “Uh, well, I don’t want to kill the wolf. He’s just trying to eat lunch or something. How about if I just nick his shoulder and maybe singe some fur.” Well, we did that, the wolf ran off, and called off to his friends. Lets see what happens in the future.

A decent section of the begining of the sessions was spent getting used to Roll20. There’s a bit of learning curve to get going, and more of one learning how to draw dungeons with my mousepad.

Jimmy is played by one of the parents who is provided support for the group as they get comfortable with the game.

This skeleton picture was drawn by Max (Ulfgar).

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