It’s that time again…

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Yes, that time of year has rolled around. This weekend, the ING marathon will be winding it’s way through Atlanta.

I’m as ready as I’m going to be. I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten at least 20 miles of training this month, and probably 40 the month before, it’s looking like it’s going to be a long day.

Last weekend, I did swing by the storeand pick up some new shoes. This time around, I went with some Ascics DS trainers. These were the same shoes I ran NYC in back on ‘04, and I was happy with them. They are pretty light weight, but more durable than flats. And the heel isn’ t over sized, which make walking easier. Plus, this year they have a bright green sole, and you know how I like color.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Get to know your local shoe person and get your shoes from them. Buying my shoes this time around, I found another benefit to this. Thinking my shoes were almost a year old, Ryan was able to look it up and give me an appropriate hard time when we saw they were in fact almost a year and a half old. (Uh, guess I went a little too long.) Yes, my old Mizuno’s were bought in September of 2008, and they are still wearable. (And didn’t have any cushion to start, so it’s not like that’s missing.)

But, back to the race…Given my abysmal training, my only goal for this is to beat the cutoff (7 hours). I’m actually planning on bringing my good camera this year, and doing a photo document of the whole race.  Yes, y’all can live vicariously, seeing what it’s like at the back of the pack.   Of course, this plan might change there’s a good chance of rain. 

But first, off to the expo…

Written on March 20, 2010