Lets get started!

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Ah, another weekend of fun.

First off, on Saturday I helped my friends at Runners Fit time a race, the 5K Run for a Reason. This is put on by a local church, and benefits go to a home for unwed mothers in Lima, Peru. A worthy cause, and a fun Saturday morning run/walk.

While we were setting up, the race director came over and talked to Ryan about what was going on. Eventually, if came around to “do you want to start the race?” “Sure.”  A few minutes later, Ryan looked at me and said “do you want to do it?”

Come on, a megaphone and a 150 people staring at me. Like you even need to ask. Of course! There were a couple things about race numbers to say, but otherwise a simple “ready-set-go.”  Sounds easy enough…then I started thinkg…Hey, can I just say whatever I want?  Am I allowed to randomly speak to entertain everyone while we waited for the signal that it was time? Hmm…

I ended up with just a simple joke of “hey, who’s just here for the bananas?” (To which a couple of the people responded “no, the oranges.”) Then, the clock people gave the thumbs up, so I gave the Go, and they were off.  I would have said more if it was a microphone; speaking into a megaphone doesn’t quite do it for the rockstar life.  But either way, it was exciting for me.

Sunday brought me to the Gwinnett Environmental Center for a training run with GUTS. I’ve been there once, and been wanting to go back. The trails are a bunch of short loops, which strung together can make a decent training run. There are some short, steep hills to get the lungs working. And there is a spur that heads out to the greenway path that goes behind the Mall of Georgia–flat as a pancake, but the scenery is nice.

There were 5 of us, which is a pretty small group for these runs. I’ll assume everyone was busy tapering for Strolling Jim in a couple weeks. Thats okay, still had a fun time with a hour and a half wandering around. I hung out with Brad, and we strolled around, not pushing real hard. (Still not sure what’s happening with my ankle, but didn’t want to risk making it worse.) Afterwards, we socialized and ate for a while, and posed for the obligatory group photo.


Ah, now a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Even caught the last hour of the Acoustic Sunrise. (And as a bonus, since I had the computer handy, was able to look up the name on songs I liked, something I can’t do while listening when running.)

(Oh, and for the record, you can’t see it too well at this resolution, but I’m wearing the broken watch. And having just been motivated by Atayne, I think I’ll keep using it until the rest of the band wears out.)

Written on April 19, 2009