Missed the group

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Rolling out of bed this morning, all I heard was thunder and rain. So I did what came natural; got up, threw my clothes and grabbed my camera to go storm chasing.

I decided to drive to my favorite abandoned gas station, since that would give me a bit of cover from the rain, and there was a bit of a light show on the way. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, the majority of it passed by. Well, not wanting to waste a trip, I set up and started snapping away. The pre-dawn light made for a few good shots.

I like the contrast of the building in this one: bright green building

This is the only shot I managed to actually get lightning in (just barely). It’s in the middle behind trees, so can’t really see anything besides the clouds lighting up. hard to see but theres lightning

This one is neat because of the plane. If you look carefully, you’ll notice how the beacon on one of the wings was flashing, causing three distinct bright spots. theres an airplane

Now that the rain has passed, time to head out running. For the record, here are some of my better storm shots.

Written on March 15, 2008