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Today, as my fun community service, I went out and photographed the GUTS Fatass 50K.  What a blast!

The count I heard was a 115 people starting. It may be off by a couple, but for a fatass, which is supposedly a “no-support, no shirt, no medal, no nothing” race, it a absolute ton of people. And yes, I was one of the people, but more on that later.

Happily, Janice and the rest of the GUTS crew, actually provide a really nice aid station. There was the usual chips, pretzels, gels, water and powerade. And as the bonus, a huge pot of chili (and a smaller vegitarian version), and a keg of beer to help wash it down.  Oh yeah, nothing like running and drinking on a Sunday morning. hehe.

They even provided a finishers medal. Hey, nothing like a piece of bling.  Yeah, so much for this being your typical FA race. (I can’t tell you if this is standard for this race, but it was cool this year.  Good job!)

The course was 4 laps around Kennesaw Mountian, plus a one time 1 mile loop through the neighborhood to boost the mileage up to the  50K.  It was through a completely different part of the park than the Pumpkin Butt race in October. Although it went up Pigeon Hill, which is a pretty brutal climb, it didn’t all the way over the top, which from my perspective was good.  The rest of the course was, well, okay I guess.

You see, I am in a class by myself. I am the only person signed up who was out on the course for 6 hours, but failed to finish at least one lap!  Yes, I ran (and walked) a lot of miles, going in circles around the park, but I never actually completed one real lap.  So I can only guess what the few miles of course that I didn’t see were like.

Now, I’d imagine, that all those people that actually completed any of the loops have some sore legs. But I bet I’m the only one with a sore trigger finger. Overall, I took 847 pictures. Unfortunately, a lot of my starting shots didn’t come out really well, but most of the trail shots came out nice. I did get one potentially really embarrassing of one guy, but instead of posting, I’m going to save it for an appropriate time. (Such as the holiday party or something. :)

On the miles I covered, I had a really good time talking with people, taking pictures, and enjoying life. I did spend a couple miles with Spurgeon and his daughter, chatting about all sorts of stuff. (She is in “Teach for America”, teaching ESL in Los Angeles.) Spurgeon completed the Pinhoti 100 race I was at a couple months ago, and I had a few pictures of him there. (But I mistakenly was calling him Blake. But heck, there’s another guy Mike, who’ve I’ve been calling Lyle for months.)  There was actually quite a few people I recognized from that race.

I also talked with Al. He was out there cheering for his daughter, and trying to take a few pictures.  And Donald was my tour guide for a bit of the course again. Apparently, this might be the standard now, since it’s happened that 2 times I’ve been out here.

The last 1/2 mile of day was with David, who took about 2 hours off his Pumpkin Butt time, finishing in just a few minutes over 6 hours. (And that’s when I finished, even if I hadn’t gotten started yet.)  I have no idea of the actual miles I did besides that it was more than 10. (I was having GPS issues.)

If you’re interested in looking at the pictures, they’re over at They are under “Races”, 2009-01-04-FA50k parts I and II. The usual rules apply; feel free to take them. If you want a higher resolution version, let me know.

Edit:  Pulled my tracks off the GPS. Although reception wasn’t great, looks like I did the equivelant of 2 laps. Kennesaw - GUTS 50K, partial course at EveryTrail

Map created by EveryTrail:GPS Geotagging

Written on January 4, 2009