New year, new challenges

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Last week, on the spur of the moment (and goading by coworkers), I joined the office weight loss challenge.

5 dollars to enter, 2 months.  Winner gets a gift certificate to a restaurant in the amount equal to the pot.

Now, a restaurant doesn't make sense to me...because if I win, I'm gonna say give me a $100 in Krispy-Kreme dollars.  Definitely not good after trying to lose weight, so I've suggested that it would be better to give out the cash. I know a couple other people are thinking the same thing.

This should be fun.  And speaking of fun, here's my humorous story to go along with this;

Last Tuesday, a coworker came and asked if I'm doing ING. She wants to be motivated. So of course, I say "Yup. You gonna do it?". Yeah, she's thinking of the 1/2. That's cool...I'm doing the full. "Oh, did you start training?".  Uh, yeah...two days ago.  How far did you go?  23.5 mile, guess I'm about ready.  hehehe...cracked me up.

So, hopefully this challenge will help my training. Normally marathon training isn't good for weight loss, since I tend to eat everything in sight since I'm doing a lot of miles. I'd like to get a little speed in too. Breaking 5 hrs would be good.

I'm starting off pretty good.  Lot of lunges and squats while I play with the baby. Plus getting started with a bit more core work than I've been doing.   I know all of that will help the speed.

Oh, I may be offline for a day or two later this week.  Moving the domain to a new host, and sometimes it takes a day or two to refresh. (I doubt I'll post anything until after the move. I'd been trying to avoid it, but since it's takng longer to get going than I expected, decided to throw this up.)


Written on January 10, 2010