Nice calves…

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A funny thing happened in the gym the other day. I just got back from my lunch run, and I was stretching. A gal with whom I work with was down there working out as she often is. (We see each other most days down there.)

Well, she looks at me and says “Wow, nice calves.” Of course, I jump right up and start flexing my legs; “Yeah, and look at the quads of steel! They’re solid!” and stuff like that. So of course she then looks up a bit, points at my stomach and says “but it looks like you’ve been drinking a few too many beers on the weekend.”  Ouch!  Guess I was put in my place.

During today’s run, my “great” legs hurt for the first couple miles. (To be honest, it was uphill the whole way, so not surprising that I was feeling it.) Once I got past that, everything went well. The hills were good, the flats were good. The rest break and water was real good.  My goal was to do around 18 miles…I only ended up doing 13, but I was fine with that.

The reason I was fine was because I completed 13 miles and it felt good. I still had energy at the end and was able to spend the rest of the day running errands and doing things with no problems.

So you know what? Yeah,  I have a bit of a stomach. Heck, with a name like “bigRahn”, you expect to not be small. But heck, I can head out any time and easily run a half marathon!  Gotta love that…and those great calves that let me do it.

Written on March 16, 2008