North Georgia Canopy Tours - A zipline adventure

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Way back in January, my friend Andy mentioned getting a good deal on a zip line trip, and we planned on going as soon as it warmed up. We should have done it immediately, since February and March were beautiful, but hey…waiting until a week before the deal expired is surely better.

The tour was at North Georgia Canopy Tours, up in Lula, GA.  The tour lasts for approximately 3 hours, including a quick training course to learn how to slow down. (Unless you like slamming into trees at 30 miles an hour, that can be kind of important.)

We had 10 people in our tour group, with two guides (J and Clint).  The guides were really good, and kept us entertained throughout the day. We got to know the other 8 people a little bit and enjoying talking with them.  (You have 3 hours with other people in your tour, so might as well talk to them.) The night before, I had the brilliant idea to wear my Forerunner, so I’d not only have the course mapped out, but know how fast I got!  I suppose I should have wore my heart rate monitor too so I could see if there was any adrenaline spikes.

I also brought my little point-and-shoot camera to capture the adventure.  If you’re going to do this, you probably want to bring something that if you lose it, you don’t mind, and it has a wrist strap to secure to your gear (and lessen the risk of losing).

As you can see from the details, I managed a max speed of 31.5 miles per hour! the funny thing is, they talk about enjoying the scenery while you’re going down the lines, take the time to look around, and all that. Well, I have news…I’m focusing on the guy who’s telling me when to slow down, so I can avoid that said tree at the end. I did run the video on one of the courses, which you can see below.

Here is a video of one of the trips.

There are a couple rope bridges along the course. If it’s been raining, and you have no traction on your shoes, this could be fun.

Here’s some pictures from along the course. You’ll note that our plan to wait for the weather to warm up failed, and it was raining and in the 60’s. We should have gone in February or March.


I’d say it was a good time, and would recommend it to friends looking for something a little different to do.


Written on June 22, 2012